Lost Coast Brewery: A great place to get lost… while making great beer! Would you like to earn above-average pay while making beer in a newer state of the art facility, all on the beautiful California coast? 

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WAREHOUSE (F-T, must be over 21 years of age)

Full-time; generally scheduled full shifts that fall between 7 am and 5 pm Duties include safely, accurately and efficiently loading and unloading all inbound and outbound shipments, and efficient completion of all necessary paperwork, and verification that both order itself and documentation is accurate and completed using established procedures and proper forms. Warehouse personnel are expected to optimize warehouse utilization, promptly store all materials in designated areas, and keep warehouse and equipment clean and in good order.
* This is an especially safety-oriented position, and therefore candidates must pass a drug test before beginning employment. Warehouse employees constantly traverse the warehouse, frequently lifting/moving up to 80 lbs.
You must have:
• At minimum a high school diploma or GED
• Forklift experience
• Valid driver’s license
• Basic math skills
• 1 year of work experience in a warehouse environment, including accurate fulfillment of customer orders, and loading trucks with a forklift.
We prefer:
• 2+ years of work experience in a warehouse environment (including as stated above)
• Beer or beverage experience
• Inventory management experience

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BREWER (F-T, must be over 21 years of age)

Duties include learning cellar roles - caring for the fermenting beer, use of the centrifuge, dry hopping using the hopinator, and cleaning procedures - then operating our cutting-edge brewhouse equipment; other duties include assisting with yeast management, taking gravity and other readings, recording and tracking/updating individual brew spreadsheets and manually loading the boiler with particular ingredients.
* Brewers must be able to remain in a stationary position for long amounts of time, reposition body to work in different spaces, lift/move up to 75 lbs frequently (or more, with mechanical or physical help) and traverse/ascend/descend work spaces at varying heights.
You must have:
• A degree or certificate in brewing and/or several years of practical brewing experience
• 1+ years brewing in a production level brewery (25k+ barrels/year or a brewhouse of 50+ bbls)
We prefer:
• Experience using Braumat, beraBREW or similar technology
• Knowledge of/education in microbiology or food science

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GARDENER/ORCHARDIST (F-T, must be over 21 years of age)

Duties include caring for two orchards in addition to general gardening, as well as other labor duties as assigned. Involves planting, health monitoring, trimming, wedding, and other plant care, as well as operation and maintenance of gardening equipment and machinery.
* Gardeners/Orchardists work primarily outside, are on their feet and moving most of their shifts, and may lift up to 50-75 lbs frequently.
You must have:
• Knowledge of plants and plant care, regional plants, local pests and environments, and fertilizers
• Practical experience in irrigation set-up, pest management, and pruning A high school diploma or GED or higher
We prefer:
• Knowledge of grafting specific to fruit trees


The PERKS (after introductory periods):
Paid vacation and holidays
Medical/dental/vision insurance
Retirement plan
Flexible scheduling
Sick time
CONTACT: Amanda Sabolish, HR/Compliance
[email protected] or  707-267-9639
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They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Especially if it involves beer. If you’re interested in working at Lost Coast Brewery or our restaurant, please send your cover letter and resume to the appropriate link below and download an employment application (required - see very bottom of page).

Lost Coast Brewery is an exciting place to work, and offers competitive wages and benefits. Lost Coast Brewery is an equal opportunity employer.

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